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What Do You Want to Learn Today?


101 Things You Can Do on the Internet

Pick out 10 or so things you want to learn how to do and let's schedule a lesson!


1.       Advertise your car for sale​.


2.        Get legal services for pennies a day​


3.        Ask for advice on wine making​.


4.        Become a pen pal.


5.        Browse catalogs for the perfect gift.


6.        Buy a laptop that meets your needs.


7.        Buy books​.


8.        Buy jewelry online.​


9.        Chart the progress of an Eastern Atlantic hurricane.


10.      Chat with Internet users around the world.


11.      Check election results on Election Day.​


12.      Check State Dept. travel restrictions to Cuba.


13.      Check stock prices.


14.      Check the area code & zip code for Big Rapids, Michigan.


15.      Check the latest Doppler radar for an approaching storm.


16.      Check the local time in Berlin​​.


17.      ​Check the name of the manufacturer holding the patent on a satellite dish.


18.      Check the score of the NCAA basketball finals while the game is in progress.


19.      Check what grants are available for minorities and women.


20.      Check winter road conditions in Iowa.


21.      Communicating  with  college admissions officers.


22.      Compare new car models.


23.      Connect to Useful Websites for Medical Librarians.


24.      Contact a realtor in the San Francisco area.


25.      Decide what to pack for your trip to London by checking the weather there.


26.      Discuss telecommunications issues with other professionals.


27.      Display scanned images that you sell.


28.      Display your company’s products on your own homepage.


29.      Do all your holiday shopping from home.


30.      Download & print federal tax forms from the IRS.


31.      Download a virus detection program.


32.      Download free software.


33.      Download Hubble Telescope photographs.


34.      Exchange lesson plans with teachers all over the world.


35.      Find a buyer for your ostriches.


36.      Find out the elevation of Denali.


37.      Find out the schedule of the next Laker game​.


38.      Find the author and publisher of Patriot Papers​.


39.      Find the chords for "Blue Moon"​.


40.      Find the names of all the Star Trek ships.


41.      Find the recent rulings of the Federal Communications Commission.


42.      Follow current legislation as it moves through Congress.


43.      Get the phone & email addresses of your Congressional representatives.


44.      Get tips from pros on woodworking.


45.      Get travel directions for your vacation.


46.      Give advice on your favorite computer operating system.


47.      Join a support group for organ transplant patients.


48.      Keep in touch with your kids away at college.


49.      Learn about ISDN.


50.      Learn about making a movie.


51.      Learn the guidelines for good web page design.


52.      Listen to the Beach Boys.


53.      Look at menus & decide where to eat in Chicago​.


54.      Find the Person Behind an Email Address​.


55.      Look up ski conditions at a Colorado resort.


56.      Look up the address of a long-lost friend.


57.      Look up the Blue Book value of a car you wish to sell.


58.      Make plane reservations.


59.      Order a pizza or brownies.

60.      Order flowers to be delivered.


61.      Play the latest news report from ABC radio through Real Audio.


62.      Post a question about the best guitar to buy.


63.      Post your resume​.


64.      Price corn futures on the Chicago Board of Trade​​.


65.      Print a discussion guide for your book group discussion.


66.      Print a map showing your aunt’s house in Orlando.


67.      Print a map with driving directions.


68.      Print out a copy of Martin Luther King’s "I Have A Dream" speech.


69.      Print recipes for low-fat cooking.


70.      Purchase an antique dining room table.


71.      Read about the latest business takeovers​.


72.      Read about varieties of coffees.


73.      Read the recent press briefings from the White House.


74.      Receive software updates.


75.      Receive suggestions on how to fix your microwave from GTE.


76.      Research a report on the Dead Sea Scrolls​.


77.      Research cancer treatments.


78.      Research ship schedules.


79.      Research the Civil War at the Library of Congress​.


80.      Retrieve information on heart attacks from the American Heart Association


81.      Search card catalogs of libraries all over the state.


82.      Search for a job.


83.      Send a PowerPoint Presentation to a customer.


84.      Send an electronic get-well card to a friend​.


85.      Send email to Antarctica.


86.      Send email to NBC Nightly News.


87.      Send Grandma pictures you drew on your computer.


88.      Send your opinion of health care reform to the President of the United States.


89.      Share your thoughts on the political situation in Bosnia.


90.      State your opinion of Rush Limbaugh.

91.      Submit a bid in response to a RFP in Denver, CO.


92.      Subscribe to a magazine.


93.      Take a class for college credit.


94.      Tour Paris.

95.      Use an online thesaurus to perk up your writing.

96.      View houses for sale.


97.    View a virtual tour at the Louvre.


98.      View photographs taken by the Hubble Telescope.


99.      View the latest Supreme Court rulings.


100.   Visiting Brazil and safety concerns.


101.   Watch live video on C-SPAN.​