Sep 30
Windows 10

​Microsoft has rolled out Windows 10 to computers with Windows 7 and above and making it easier than ever to upgrade.  Once Windows 10 is installed, there is no warning that the Windows as you know it has changed dramatically from Windows 7 and from Windows 8 users, it differs in significant ways.

Mar 08
The End of XP: What it Means
According to Microsoft, " If you continue to use Windows XP after support ends on Tuesday April 8, 2014 , your computer will still work but it might become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses. 

There are only 2 options and the first one really doesn't apply to most XP computers because they probably can't handle the upgrade.  

1. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 
(to find out for sure if your computer can or can't handle that, click here: Download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant)  
2. Get a new computer.

I would make sure everything important to me is saved on a flash drive and begin planning for a new computer.  Then I would run my XP machine until it crashes or becomes too problematic to be worth keeping.  It may run just fine several more years as Microsoft is often a little more histrionic than truthful.  They claimed that Microsoft Office XP would not work on Windows Vista or 7 or 8 and it still does.

Remember, Vista, 7 used machines are still an option and are still supported for a few more years so a used computer can stay protected unlike your XP machine.