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​​​Computer Tutor

P.O.Box 5371

West Hills, CA 91308



If you want to do remote training please download and install the link below.  

Remote Training or Help
We Can Help You
Using the Internet and a Phone!


    1. Shorter Response Time
    2. Costs Less
    3. No 2-Hour Minimum
    4. Help for Minor Problems


Situation: You need help right away with a computer issue but it wouldn't take two hours and you don't want to pay for two hours for a short issue.
Solution: Remote Help
As long as your issue isn't a computer that can't get on the Internet, we can help over the phone and Internet by using a program that allows us to view your computer screen and help you solve your issue.
How it Works:
  1. We schedule a time when you can be at your computer
  2. Download aeroadmin​ by clicking on the button to your left then double click the file that downloads ​to install it.
  3. Allow the program to install
  4. A window will open and show you "Your ID" and "Your Password" on the phone call, tell us​ your ID and Password so we can connect to you.
  5. We connect to your computer and help you resolve you computer question or problem
  6. We finish and the program automatically uninstalls
  7. We send you an invoice which you can pay by credit card or mail in by check
    The billing is at a rate of $15 per quarter-hour rounded to the nearest quarter-hour.
  9. The time doesn't begin until we are connected and can view your screen.


Remote Help is the Best Option for:

  • Routine Monthly Maintenance
  • Computer Software Training
  • Software Updates
  • Minor Virus attacks
  • Documents that have formatting issues
  • Complicated Procedures
  • Long Projects that need occasional short help sessions
  • Website creation, maintenance, design
  • Setting up a Domain Name
  • Creating an E-Mail Account
  • Configuring an E-Mail Client like Outlook of Live Mail

Learning online websites like:

  • Blogging
  • Calendar Online
  • Constant Contact
  • Craig's List
  • eBay
  • FaceBook
  • GMail
  • Groups
  • IGoogle
  • PayPal
  • Photomax / Shutterfly
  • Legal Shield
  • Send Out Cards
  • Skype
  • SpamArrest
  • YouMail
  • YouTube
  • Vista Print
  • Zaba People Search
  • Zillow Property Values



Learning Programs like:

Microsoft Programs:

  • Excel
  • MS Frontpage
  •  Internet Explorer
  • Live Mail / Hotmail
  • Office
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • Publisher
  • Windows
  • Word
  • Act
  • Open Office
  • Picasa

Just call Mitch at (818)693-0156 and we can schedule your remote session​