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​​This Division of the Computer Tutor dedicated small business is Tutors 4 Computers


What We Offer:

We Tutor on Your Computer! 




Yes, in today’s work environments, you DO need to know how to use the computer.

Nobody even questions that.

But do ​​your office workers know how to use the computer to the best of their ability?

Studies show not.

You can read the books, you can take the tutorials, you can watch the videos and you can ask countless questions on the forums on the internet. But until you get the information directly INTO YOUR GUT it all becomes theory.


With one-on-one instruction your people get instant feedback

when they sit with a teacher they are more alert, more attentive and know they must perform. That is how most students learn… relaxed but alert.

Training makes your personnel (and therefore YOU)
successful, quick, efficient and effective.  

Here are the top 10 benefits of one-on-one training:

      • No wasted time, learn just what you need to know.
      • Flexible Training scheduling at your convenience.
      • Staff members learn at their individual pace.
      • Learn how to use the programs on Your computer.
      • Ask questions at any time.
      • Boost Productivity with countless tips and tricks.
      • De-stress knowing that your office is working at peak productivity.
      • Generate additional revenue with new tools your workers will now find.
      • Empower your office team and generate more team support and idea.
      • No need to leave the office; reduce travel costs.

Here are just some of what you can learn:

  • Mail merge (MS Word) to personalize your letters and envelopes, create templates, stationary, flyers.
  • Formulas (MS Excel) that automatically total or find the percentage
  • Spreadsheets and Sorting Lists (MS Excel) for trend analysis, budgeting
  • (Spreadsheets, Lists, Sorting, Formulas, Graphs, Charts, Templates)
  • Slide Presentations (MS PowerPoint) to teach your staff (or Market your product!)
  • (we can train or create dynamic PowerPoint Presentations for you)
  • Contact Management (MS Outlook, Act!) to manage your Contacts, Calendar,
  • Emails, Tasks
  • Financial Management (Intuit QuickBooks and Quicken) for writing checks, payroll, balancing accounts, keeping track of sales, profit and loss

Anything strike your interest above?
Call us to find out more right now at (818) 693-0156

It is easy and truly inexpensive to use education to accelerate your employees.

Wait until you see the difference in your office productivity.

You will simply be utterly amazed.

And that’s a guarantee!

Call us NOW to instantly discover how
Helpful, Patient, Friendly &, Reliable we really are.


Tutors 4 Computers has opened a whole new world for us.

My wife and I were well established in our professional and personal lives long before computers were in common use.

Our now grown children use the computer for everything as do all in their generation. Your tutors, Deborah & Mitch, took us from the basic task of turning on the computer to internet access and use to many other applications with a thorough knowledge, kindness and patience. The use of the i photo program has been extremely enjoyable for me.

We have been able to use the internet for information retrieval, travel planning and purchase, and the purchase of a large plasma television set. We look forward to using Tutors 4 computers to help my wife set up an inventory and billing system for her jewelry business.

We can enthusiastically recommend your excellent services.


Tobie Bloom, jewelry designer and manufacturer.
Lee Bloom M.D., psychiatrist and addictionologist.