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Give your Office an Efficiency Boost…
and see Productivity (and Profits) Soar.




How much time do you think your office personnel spends looking up a solution to a simple problem in Outlook or Word or Excel? It’s more than you think.

And do you want to know why?

Because they don’t have the right answers at their fingertips. They struggle through the Help function or worse they try to find answers in books bigger than War and Peace. And in their frustration and tight schedule they’ll take any answer, no matter how badly it works.

Through the day they are consumed by the smallest “How do I do that?”

Does this sound familiar?

Save yourself some money;
You don’t need more staff, you need to organize your
workflow using your existing personnel.

We can show you how!  

The right education can allow office personnel focus, insight, and growth.

In fact, Education is the cornerstone of profit. You will hear that from every successful, wealthy person. Period.

Education is not expensive. It is a very wise investment.  

So here you are, on the “right page” to make that all happen.

Your lessons are tailored with exactly your needs. We listen. You get instructors that are helpful, patient, friendly and reliable.

"Working with Tutors4Computers has been a huge bonus for this company. They have done everything from fully training our staff on Excel, Word Perfect and Outlook to creating very detailed Access databases from scratch. Tutors4Computers has accommodated every single one of our computer needs. Linda and Roger are such a pleasure to work with and we look forward to having them in the office while they are working on projects."

Jennifer Barron, General Manager
SBS Trust Deed Network, Westlake Village, CA

Your instructor is a qualified Microsoft teacher that will teach you all Microsoft Office products IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. We focus on your problems that are real and immediate, not just book theory.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Word (for Letters and mail merges)
  • Excel (for financial spreadsheets)
  • Outlook (for staying connected)
  • PowerPoint (for professional slide presentations)

You might be saying…”Well this is simple stuff, my office knows these skills.” Truth be told, most people don’t know as much as they think they do about Microsoft Office.

But once they have taken just a few lessons from our knowledgeable staff they realize enormous gains that can be applied instantly. 

Minutes of not knowing how to do something now turns into 

hours of saved timeeveryone sees results immediately. 

And then more time is available to really focus on the important tasks.

And the creativity factor now accelerates because they immediately find new ways of using their newly found tricks!

“You made a terrific difference with our managers. We found the tutors to be very friendly, patient, and professional. They focused on teaching the managers what they needed to learn and at the level of the individual manager.”

D.B., Sr VP, Coldwell Banker Northwest Region

Give yourself peace of mind in knowing that your office people are more confident, professional, and no longer being frustrated by so many missing bits and pieces of Microsoft Office knowledge.

STOP struggling wi​th little things and START focusing on the big important things.

Your time is money
and people in your organization who are not educated in their tasks are
draining it away, daily, irrevocably.

It is not only important, it is critical that everyone in your organization be well-trained in their field. And that includes users of standard Microsoft Office products.

"Tutors 4 Computers has been a life-saver for us. An Access database we had designed by someone else was inefficient and unstable. T4C came in, completely revamped the system, added new tables and generally spiffed the whole thing up so it's now humming along beautifully. It cost a few bucks but it was well worth it."

-- Carl Samrock , Carl Samrock Public Relations Inc.